At AAMG Plastic Surgery, we customize your treatment to meet your aesthetic and budgetary goals. During your initial consultation we discuss the treatments available to address your concerns. The range of options is then considered based on your lifestyle and budget.


Cosmetic procedures are often considered elective by most insurers, which means that you must pay out of pocket for these services. There is a $75 consultation fee for your initial appointment. This fee only applies to surgical consultation and is waived for injectable visits including Botox, Kybella and other treatments. This fee is non-refundable, but if you proceed with the surgical treatment, the consultation fee is applied to the cost of your surgery.  AAMG Plastic Surgery has several options for payment:

  • Cash
  • All major credit cards are accepted

Please call our office at 443-481-3400 for more information on financing your procedure.


Because most cosmetic procedures are elective most medical insurance plans will not cover costs, but there are exceptions.We know for planning purposes you may want to know if your insurance will cover any portion of a procedure you may be considering. Insurance coverage varies widely depending on your carrier and some may require a referral if they do provide coverage. If you would like to verify coverage or have questions answered regarding out of pocket expenses prior to visiting us, we recommend you call the member services number on your insurance card or contact your employee benefits program for more information. Or, following your initial consultation a member of our billing team will work with you to determine how much “out-of-pocket” expense you would have for the procedure you’re considering. 

Anne Arundel Medical Group Plastic Surgery