Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

It may be hard to tell what your child will look like as an adult, but one area can be telling at an early age — the ears. If your child has excessively large or protruding ears, there is a solution: otoplasty. Often performed on children aged 4–6, otoplasty can reshape the ear early on, before the child is fully grown. The ears then grow at a natural rate with the child’s body. Otoplasty has been performed on countless children with positive results, and it can do the same for your child.

An adult can also benefit from this surgery if you dislike the position, size or symmetry of your ears.

The surgeons of AAMG Plastic Surgery have the medical expertise and depth of experience to offer our patients — old and young — the best results and a smooth recovery.

The Procedure

The specifics of the procedure depend on the shape of the ear and the extent of change desired. The ear cartilage is trimmed or reshaped, then secured at a shallower angle relative to the head. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two hours to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get otoplasty as an adult? While otoplasty is highly effective on children because their ear cartilage is softer and more malleable, adults can also be treated successfully. Corrective ear surgery as an adult may require a slightly different procedure, but your surgeon will explain all the necessary steps.

What is recovery like? After surgery, you wear a compression bandage around your head, which can gradually be reduced as recovery progresses. Early removal of the bandage may compromise the positioning of the ear(s), requiring a second surgery. You can return to school or work feeling comfortable with your new look within one to two weeks. Swelling may not fully subside for three months.

Can I get the procedure in only one ear? It’s very rare for you to have an abnormality in only one ear, but if surgery isn’t needed on both, our surgeons can perform the procedure on one ear with the goal of matching the other.

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