Mole and Lesion Removal

Moles and lesions can be both unattractive and potentially harmful. Some moles can be early signs of melanoma, and it’s important that you get them checked out, especially if they have changed color or shape. If moles or lesions are cancerous, you might require Mohs micrographic surgery, which removes a tumor while leaving healthy tissue intact and unharmed.

Other moles, or nevi, are harmless but still annoying or unattractive. Dermatologic surgery can be a safe and effective way to remove them, and when done by a specialist in plastic surgery, extra attention is paid to the cosmetic outcome. Our cosmetic professionals offer quick, efficient mole and lesion removal that can erase the unattractive marks on your face or body for good while minimizing scarring.

The Procedure

Shave excision is one of the most common ways to remove moles. This simple procedure involves using a numbing agent to treat the area around the mole, then the mole is removed with a small blade. Typically, this procedure is used to remove smaller moles, and you will most likely not need stitches.

Excisional surgery is another common dermatologic surgical procedure, often performed on bigger or potentially cancerous moles. The surgeon will cut around the mole and surrounding skin with a scalpel. Since this procedure requires a bigger incision, stitches may be necessary and a small scar will result.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recovery like? Depending on the size of the mole, you may not experience much of a recovery period at all. The area around the removed mole may be sore following the surgery, but you should be able to resume all daily activities within a day or two. If your surgery requires stitches, you will likely want to refrain from vigorous physical activity until they are removed.

Can I have things other than moles removed? Yes. In addition to moles, this procedure can be used to remove cysts, birthmarks, blemishes, skin tumors and other benign skin lesions.

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