Chin Augmentation

The shape and prominence of the chin helps define the lower face. You may believe your chin is too pronounced or not prominent enough. If you have a receding chin or it seems like your lower face protrudes into your neckline without a natural break, you might want to speak to the surgeons of AAMG Plastic Surgery about chin augmentation. Chin implants can provide just the right amount of definition to the lower part of your face, providing a meaningful difference in your appearance and confidence. If your chin is too large for your face, it can be softened.

The Procedure

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty or genioplasty, can either add prominence to the chin (augmentation) or remove bone to soften a jutting chin. Chin augmentation is most commonly done by way of implants. Our surgeon makes an incision under the chin, and places the implant under the skin and over the lower bone. The surgeon may shave off some of the bone to help fit the implant in place, and uses sutures to attach the implant to the bone. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and typically takes about an hour to complete.

Many patients choose to combine a chin augmentation with other facial procedures, such as rhinoplasty. If you choose to undergo more than one procedure, they can be done in conjunction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recovery like? Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure performed in our surgical center, and you leave on the same day you undergo surgery. Within the first few days, you should stick to soft foods, as swelling and discomfort in the chin may make it hard to chew. Swelling and discomfort gradually decreases as time passes, and the full recovery window usually lasts around four to six weeks.

Will there be scarring? Scarring following this procedure is minimal. The incision is made in a spot under the chin that is already barely visible, and when recovery is complete, the scars should disappear completely.

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