Breast Procedures

Breasts are one physical characteristic that helps define women as women. For many women, the size and shape of their breasts is something that they would like to alter, and they are empowered to find responsible cosmetic surgeons to help in that endeavor.

Whether you would like to increase breast size or decrease it, if you have experienced changes in your breasts because of aging or pregnancy, or if a previous breast surgery needs to be reworked—the highly skilled surgeons of AAMG Plastic Surgery are ready to consult with you about the most appropriate options.

Just for Men

Let’s be real: There is a lot of attention paid to the size and shape of women’s breasts. But there are plenty of men who feel that the shape and contour of their chest could use improvement. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of available solutions to achieve the profile and definition you want?

Read more under male breast reduction and liposuction to learn how the skilled surgeons of AAMG Plastic Surgery can help with procedures designed specifically for men. Then request a consultation to see how our surgeons can help you.

During your first visit, Dr. Holton will explain the various types of breast surgeries used in the Annapolis, Maryland, practice and which procedure would benefit you. Breast surgery procedures remain some of the most sought-after cosmetic operations available today and at AAMG Plastic Surgery you will find the skills, experience, and compassion you are looking for.

The breast procedures offered by Dr. Holton at AAMG Plastic Surgery include:

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