Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

Many people were thinking about a breast lift or reduction when they found out they needed breast cancer surgery. We may be able to remove your cancer and do a breast lift or reduction at the same time. This procedure is called oncoplastic breast reconstruction. Typically the lift and reduction are done through the same incision pattern. A reduction removes more weight, whereas a lift mostly removes unnecessary skin and places your nipple in a more youthful location.

The Procedure

If you need breast cancer surgery and are interested in a breast lift or reduction, talk to your surgeon. He or she may suggest this approach in some cases.

Let’s say your tumor is large compared to the size of your breast. A lumpectomy combined with a breast lift or reduction can help keep the natural shape of the breast.

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction offers several benefits:

  • It allows for an open biopsy and the opportunity to sample tissue around various areas of both breasts.
  • It often allows the breast surgeon to take a wider margin/larger specimen. This is thought to lead to fewer positive margins and fewer surgeries.
  • It offers global reduction of the number of cells.
  • It provides for better symmetry of the breasts.
  • It offers the opportunity to maintain sensation to the nipples.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have oncoplastic breast reconstruction, what happens to my second breast? If you have oncoplastic breast reconstruction, a lift or reduction to the other breast is part of your cancer care. Typically, Medicare or insurance covers it. 

Breast Reconstruction Animation

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