Vaginal Rejuvenation

Your life as a woman can impose damaging stress on your body, even in your most private areas. Childbearing and the aging process cause the vagina to stretch, decreasing the strength of the muscles and leading to decreased sexual satisfaction — often for both partners. A vaginal rejuvenation often combines vaginoplasty to tighten the vagina, along with labioplasty or vulvaplasty to reshape the outer or inner lips of the vagina. The procedure, frequently chosen by women who have experienced childbirth, strengthens the muscles of the vagina for renewed tightness and a sense of youth. It has helped countless women achieve the results they desire.

Our surgeons are highly trained and have the expertise to treat this procedure — and you — with respect and sensitivity, as well as a high level of skill.

The Procedure

Vaginal rejuvenation is a safe procedure that is becoming increasingly popular. Using a laser, the surgeon removes redundant tissue along the edge of the labia minora, reducing their size and length while still allowing full functionality. The surgeon will likely do the same with the labia majora, resulting in a tighter vaginal opening. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and takes about one to two hours to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recovery like? Vaginal rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure, and you leave the surgery center on the same day. You should place ice packs on the treated area to minimize swelling or bruising, and wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. Within two days, you can resume daily leisure activities. Within four days you can return to work, as long as it doesn’t involve strenuous physical activity. For six weeks, you should refrain from sexual intercourse, the use of tampons, swimming, hot baths, rigorous exercise, biking or horseback riding.

Can I combine this with other procedures? Yes. Our surgeons offer a number of other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, and can perform multiple procedures during the same session. Vaginal rejuvenation is often done in conjunction with a thigh or butt lift, liposuction or tummy tuck.

Can I have another child after this procedure? Nothing about the procedure compromises future pregnancies should you choose to have another child. However, additional pregnancies may compromise the effects of the surgery, and it’s suggested you wait to undergo the rejuvenation until you are finished having children.

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